How to Choose the Right Aesthetic For Your Home

Though based in Indianapolis, Indiana, our inspiration comes from our namesake, a quaint village in the United Kingdom. Affluent Englanders appreciate Hampstead, England for its refinement, character, and endless aesthetic pleasure.

Developing your aesthetic can be difficult. With so many options and varieties to choose, defining an aesthetic for your living space can overwhelm. After all, aesthetic is an extension of the individual - not to be taken lightly.

Below are tips to help you get started thinking about your tastes and cultivating them into a refined aesthetic that is personal and functional. We’ll provide great product recommendations along the way.

Search for Inspiration

Look for things that inspire you. Figure out how you can apply those touches to your own home.


Product recommendation: The Finsberry

This multi-folding door transports you back to the Victorian era - its namesake taken from one of the first great parks in London.

Define “aesthetic” for yourself

It may be beneficial to define what your aesthetic is. That way, you can narrow down what you are looking for and cut right to the chase on where to find it.


Product Recommendation: The Camden

This window brings a feeling of bohemian eclecticism to your home -  Vibrant. Unexpected. A blast of a swinging past for modern times.

Choose the right vendors, sellers and professionals for your aesthetic

If you want to find your aesthetic, you’re going to want to choose the right people for the job. Be particular. Choose the absolute best professionals to build your aesthetic.


Product recommendation: The Soho

Are you looking to bring the hustle and bustle of London’s French Quarter to the comfort of your home? Look no further than The Soho. Get ready for a wild night in.